We are on staff with Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. We have been connecting people to Jesus in Rome, Italy since 2008, but we are now excited about our next chapter as Cru staff in New York City. 

Our Family's Story

We met as sophomores at Miami University (Go Redhawks!). It was at a Cru Christmas Conference when Kimberly first caught Sam's eye while ice skating. We got engaged almost 2 years later in Rome, Italy on the Aventine Hill. Who would have known, that as Sam proposed to Kimberly, that they would be spending their first 6 years of marriage seeking to bring the gospel to Italians in Rome, Italy. We have two daughters, Eloise and Evelyn, who were both born during our time living overseas. Whether it's our obsession with pizza, pasta, gelato, and espresso or the reality that our time in Rome transformed the way we view God, ourselves and others, it is evident that God has used Rome to deeply impact our lives. 

Sam's Story

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. I grew up in a Jewish family, where I always believed in God, but for me He was something so distant and uninvolved in my life. God stopped me in my tracks before I left for college when I survived my car flipping four times on the highway and awoke to no injuries and a Bible laying in my lap. That year my RA shared the story of Jesus with me, and I accepted it as truth and invited Jesus into my life on May 2, 2006. 

In college, I majored in chemistry and always thought that I would end up in medical school. At the same time, I was enthralled with how Jesus was changing my life for the better, and where I saw the fruits of His love coming alive in my life. This was in large part due to my involvement in Cru as a student leader, which then led to my decision to go Rome to tell Italian university students about Jesus. In the process, God has blessed me with a family to have companions on this journey together. 

Kimberly's Story

Raised in Knoxville, TN, I came to know and love the Lord at a young age.  However, when I went to Miami University and got involved with Cru, that's when I first heard about what it means to share Christ with others. I'm passionate about creating spaces, particularly in our home, in which people feel comfortable to be themselves and share life with one another. 

Things I love: Jesus, my husband, our two beautiful girls, pasta, pizza Napoletana, dancing, and connecting people with Jesus, seeing them grow in their walk with God, and serve Him for a life time. 



We have two beautiful daughters, Eloise (4 years old) and Evelyn (2 years old), who are with us on our journey. We hope to be restoring the image of the family to the city and welcoming others into our home.