Airing Dirty Laundry

When we first were looking at apartments in NYC, I knew finding a washer/dryer in an apartment or even in the building would not be likely. So when we stepped into our current apartment and there was a washer and dryer, I knew this was the place for us. It's funny how priorities change once you have children! What a blessing it is to do laundry at any time of the day, every single day. However, I never realized how God was going to use this simple luxury to create time and space for me as a mother to connect with Millennial women. At the end of summer Cru gathering I met a young woman named Claire. Much to our surprise, she lives one block away. When trying to find a time to get together, she mentioned that her weekend was going to be filled doing menial tasks like running errands and going to the laundromat. "Would you want to come over and doing laundry at my house? We can hang out and chat and I'll even make you a cappucino!" She enthusiastically said yes and that Saturday I had such a great time hearing about her life, her walk with God, and encouraged her that God can use her in this city by reaching out to her nonbeleiving flatmates. Two hours later, she had clean laundry and we had formed a new friendship. Since then, several other women have lugged their dirty laundry across the city, to sit, and chat, and drink a cappucino while the girls nap. Please pray with us that we could continue to practically love and serve Millennials in the city and that our home would be a place of peace and respite from the craziness of New York City.