Italian Aperitivo

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to host a "connect space" in our apartment on the Upper West Side. Connect spaces are evenings in which Millennials from the same neighborhood gather together to share a meal, meet new friends, and connect over deeper issues. Even though we only had 6 guys show up (much to Kimberly's dismay... where were all the girls?), it was encouraging to see how God was weaving together this seemingly random group of people: one guy from Knoxville, one guy from China, one from Miami University, a guy from Oklahoma, and one who's been in NYC for the past five years. Over the course of the evening the conversation shifted from casual small talk, to tips for surviving and thriving in the city. Chris, the guy who's lived here the longest, shared that getting involved and investing in a strong Christian community has helped him not only thrive in the city, but also be equipped to reach out to nonbelievers and be a light in the city. Since a lot of the guys there (and us!) have moved to NYC in the past year, it was a helpful and encouraging time to reflect and connect.