Helping Millennials in Crisis

"I never thought I'd be in this position. You're the third person I've told about this." Sarah (name changed for privacy) sat across the table from me in a coffee shop on the heart of the west village. She was 17 weeks pregnant. Sarah is a millennial living in New York city far from her Portland home. She's ambitious, yet has a quiet, strong spirit. Although she hasn't been involved directly with Cru, she reached out to get involved when she heard we had a mentoring program. That's when we got connected and met up for coffee.

She was so open the first time we met, so willing to let me into some of the darkest, most painful parts of her story. She's shared with me how she doesn't have any "mom friends" and how she's thankful that we can pray together, and connect over spiritual things, but also talk about practical things, like what kind of swaddle blankets to buy. She's now 25 weeks pregnant. Sarah loves Jesus but does not have a strong, supportive community around her. Would you pray that God would bring people from her church and other friends around her to encourage her during the rest of her pregnancy? Would you continue to pray for me as I seek to speak grace and truth into her life? Also, pray that God would provide for her and her baby financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

We praise God that we get to be apart of taking care of the flock in ministering to people in crisis-like situations like Sarah. We thank you for being a part of God's plan for Sarah and her new baby's life. We talk a lot about building up leaders fort he next generation, and this is literally a situation where the next generation is being affected by our ministry.