Food and Jesus

A high light of this fall has been hosting Thursday night dinner/ discussion nights in our apartment. Kimberly cooks a big Italian dinner and afterwards we watch a short video and discuss over dessert. So far we’ve discussed “is there more to life than this?” and “who is Jesus?”. The group is specifically for those who are not Christians or Christians wrestling with doubt. It’s been incredible so far to see how the group has been extremely open with their doubts and skepticism.

There is specifically one girl, “Cindy”, who has been to different events at our house, and others we have sponsored around the city. She is very involved in a church in the city. and yet it seems that she is struggling so much with doubt, it may be that she doesn’t truly know Jesus. It is a great opportunity to continue to show her God’s love and pursuit of her through God’s people, hospitality and His Word. The encouraging part of this is we are seeing “Cindy” open up about her doubts with other believers, and leaders within our movement are reaching out to her in friendship.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would move in the hearts of those coming and that they would put their faith in Christ.