Skipping a night of evangelism training


Sunday came and went and Joy still never showed up. It was the night of the evangelism workshop Cru Millennials was hosting to encourage young professionals to think about how to engage their friends, neighbors, and coworkers with the gospel. Joy had eagerly responded that she would be there and was excited to participate. Monday morning Sam got a text. "Sorry I wasn't there last night. I was leading my friend to Christ. She became a believer!" Needless to say, we were overjoyed with this news! Joy then asked for help. "What materials do you have that could help my friend grow in her faith?". I (Kimberly) then directed joy to , where she could find many discipleship materials that help young believers grow in their faith. Joy invited me along for their first discipleship time together. 

Joy is Chinese and came to faith through Cru in East Asia at her university. Nini (her friend) is also Chinese, studying opera in New York. It was amazing to hear Nini's testimony of how God has been pursuing her over the years and she believes the Lord brought her to New York to begin a relationship with Him. We had an amazing afternoon together talking about the Bible (Joy brought one to give to Nini!) and how to begin reading it. At the end Nini asked "what's my homework? I can't wait to get started." Joy and Nini will continue to meet together weekly to study the Bible in Chinese. It's been very exciting to see how millennials, like Joy, are taking huge steps of faith to share Christ with others. Pray for us as we come alongside them to encourage, train, and send them out into their vast spheres of influence.