Unleashing the Millennial generation to thrive for the flourishing of the city and the world. 

As fellow members of the Millennial generation, we are super passionate about being a part of reaching out to those in the city. Cru City Millennials in New York City exists to help connect the disconnected Millennials in NYC into a community where they can thrive. This vision is currently being lived out in three ways:

1. Leadership Development Groups: Millennials are invited to participate in Leadership Development Groups as a one of the entry points into the community. 

Leader Developments Groups are about developing whole-hearted leaders with the ability to connect deeply with God and others. They will also cultivate you in self-awareness where you begin to find where your deepest passions meets the world’s greatest needs.

Leader Development Groups meet once every 4-6 weeks over the course of a year (8 times total).

2. Network Wide Events: Over and over again the ministry has heard the need and reaped the benefits of getting all 250 some Millennials involved in Cru City together for 4-5 events throughout the year. The goal is for added connection, opportunities for further involvements in churches and other local ministries, and to have some sort of added purpose to these events (events in the pasts have turned into benefits for different charities around the city). 

3. Ongoing Discipleship: Once Millennials have been in the city for 2-3 years, many move on. Our hope and vision for those who leave is to send them off to be a blessing wherever God may be sending them, but for those who stay, the hope is continue to grow deeper with them to see their Godly potential fully reached. We are hoping to raise up a team of 10 Millennials to be on our team with us, probably most in a part-time capacity, as they would be vocationally called to the marketplace, the arts, or with a local church with the rest of their time.